In Romania, there are children who have never even browsed a story book. Children whom were never read one single fairy tale. As for those who live abroad, there are even less Romanian children who read – rarely – in their own mother tongue.


We are looking for 1000 friends who can buy 3000 books for 1000 children from vulnerable communities from our country, from Romanian children from Ukraine, form Hungary, from Moldovian Republic and also from diaspora. We would like for every child to be offered one entire 3 forming books-set written by Veronica Iani: Courage, Perseverence and Maia and the foreigner.


By collecting 1000 donations- 30 lei each-, we wish to raise 30.000 lei (7300$) which we will use to finalize the previously mentioned books, to be printed and to safely reach the beneficiaries. We will also organize „Tell me a story for my heart” workshops, for all three of Veronica Iani’s books.


Be one friend out of 1000 – for 1000 children! Give one child three books abour courage, perseverence and about how to stay out of trouble!


The 1000 friends, 3000 books for 1000 children campaign is organized by Tell me a story for my heart with the support of the Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity organization.

Tell me a story for my heart  had its start in 2018. It is an educational project whose goal is to build up human character through telling stories. Since then and up to now, within the project more than 200 stories worksops have taken place in Romania and abroad –online included. 4 creativity contests for children with more than 250 participants from Romania, Moldovian Republic and diaspora have also been organized.


Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity is a faith based non-profit organization that provides developmental and spiritual services through a grassroots approach focusing primarily on orphaned and disabled children in Romania’s most under served communities, providing support not just on a one-time basis but through long-term relationships. Our organization operates 100% on volunteer-based work, ensuring that the entire amount of your donations is allocated to our programs that make a difference in the lives of those individuals most in need of help.